English [WEBINAR] (Product) Upcoming upgrades and new features!

On Tuesday 6 July, during our second “Parlons App” session, our product team organised a webinar dedicated to the presentation of all the upcoming upgrades and new features of our mobile application.

It was also the opportunity for us to unveil the biggest new feature under development: the news feed.

Discover below the key outcomes of this session 👇

✨ The upcoming upgrades

✔️ What’s new in the management of the Knowledge Base on My AppScho

We wanted to respond to your feedback and facilitate some of the actions you perform on a daily basis on your Knowledge Base. 

You can now plan the display of your categories according to the profile of your users (according to their campus, their promotion, etc.) thanks to Profiling. 

Thanks to a search bar and filters (available on mobile for students and on My AppScho for you), you can now easily find your content. Very useful for managing a large amount of information and sections. Move your categories and sub-categories within your tree structure using drag and drop to better organise your content.

✔️ Video conferencing links and LMS

You now have the possibility to integrate your videoconference links for each of your courses. These will be displayed in the Schedule on the course details. 

This also works for your LMS links (Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) to give access to all your resources in one place.

✔️ Multicampus for transport information

The aim of this new feature is to make it easier to change campuses when consulting transport timetables for all institutions that are spread over several locations. If, for example, a user wants to know the transport timings to go to the Paris campus and the next day to the Rouen campus, he or she can now do so in two clicks from his/her mobile application. 

Students can quickly access the list of transport services referenced at each of your campuses. They can see the next timetable for the stops concerned. The timetables are transmitted live by the official public transport APIs.


📱 New features available in our applications

✔️ New: CROUS menus available on your mobile app!

CROUS menu

You can send us the list of cafeterias and campus restaurants that you would like us to display in this feature. We then reference this list within your app and retrieve the feed directly from the restaurant or cafeteria. This allows us to display the menu of the day and even the next day’s menu if available, on your app. 

Students can then search for a restaurant, add it as a favourite and view the menu. If you have several campuses, students have the possibility to change campuses. They can also locate the position of each restaurant.

✔️ ISIC student card

This feature has been much requested and is now available! We have integrated the existing ISIC card. It is a dematerialised version of the card with the name, first name, card number, barcode etc.of the student.

ISIC card front
ISIC card back

✔️ Material Problem Reporting

Your campuses are about to reopen. Make this new feature available to your students to offer them the best possible reception conditions within your institution!  

The concept is that, when a student moves around the campus, he or she can report any material problem he or she notices (a broken window, toilets in poor condition, etc.). They can describe the problem, locate it and include a photo as well as the geolocation of the problem to make it easier for the institution to intervene afterwards

Reports are sent by email to the institution via a generic email. When reports are made over a limited time period, they are grouped together in a single email. Alerts are categorised to make it easier for your staff to deal with them.

✔️ Coming soon: the News Feed

This is our flagship feature for the coming months! You will be able to communicate in a much more direct and interactive way with your students. The news feed is your school social network available on your mobile app. It matches with the uses of the young generations who do not read their emails, but who communicate constantly with their friends and family via their smartphone and social networks. You will have the opportunity to dust off your communication!

You will be able to publish content (text, images, links) directly from a dedicated backoffice interface

Students will subscribe to channels that correspond to the accounts that published the posts (administration, sports association…). They will be able to select the content that interests them the most. They will have the possibility to like the posts of their choice. 5 posts can be pinned at the top of the news feed to give them more visibility. 

The news feed is managed by you from a dedicated back office. You log in as an administrator, which gives you specific rights. From this back office, you can find the different channels on which it is possible to publish. As an administrator, you will find all the existing channels for your institution.

You can create new channels and associate different types of visibility to them if you wish (only for the first years, students a specific Master’s degree…).

You also give publication rights to users of your choice. You can find all the users who have access to the functionality in the “Users” menu. You can create an account for the people of your choice (communication department, associations…) and give them editor or administrator access rights.

We dedicated an entire webinar to this new feature that promises to change the way you communicate. Read the report of this webinar in this article or watch the replay of this session by clicking here to see the live demo of the tool!