English [WEBINAR] Presentation of the redesign of our mobile apps!

On Friday 9 July, during our “Parlons App” week dedicated to mobile campuses, the Product team presented the redesign of your mobile application 📱

As the result of a collaboration with an art director, this redesign is a major evolution for AppScho’s mobile apps.

You’ll find below the highlights of this webinar 👇

😉 Why we decided to give our apps a makeover

The main reason behind the launching of this redesign was to provide students with a enjoyable user experience. We wanted to make it easier to access and find specific information while limiting the number of clicks and of screens.

We worked with an external art director to come up with different proposals for each screen. 

The goal was to have a new and more modern design. We made sure that the new design would easily adapt to each school’s visual identity. We also checked that the latest UI/UX standards were respected.

✨ A global redesign

New organisation

The navigation has been totally rethaught to have a more fluid and pleasant user experience

We’ve added a persistent bottom bar throughout the application to make the student map and notification centre accessible at all times.

New interface

A lot of elements will be changing compared to the current version of your mobile applications. There will be new icons for each functionality but also new typographies.

This new design will be compatible with all screen sizes and will adapt to all phone models for better accessibility.

📱 Live demonstration

When the user arrives for a first login, he or she will find an onboarding section that has been completely redesigned and invites him/her to log in.

The user will choose his/her profile (1st year, Master, professional…) and the application will then adapt to the selected profile.

The public part (not authenticated, accessible to anyone who downloads the app)

The user arrives directly on the Knowledge Base. The new design is structured in three major parts:

  • The upper part containing the top bar
  • The central part containing the functionality screen
  • The lower part with the bottom bar and access to the features

The way the Knowledge Base works will not change through the redesign. You will still be able to upload content on it in the same way!

One of the major novelties of this graphic redesign is the news feed. It will also be organised in 3 parts.

In the My Services area, the visitor or student will have access to all the parts that are intended for him/her as a non-log-in user. In the My Services section, all features are grouped together on the same screen, allowing quick access to all available services.

💡 Good to know
A clean, modern design with a new 3-part structure

The private part (accessible after authentication)

When a student logs in, he/she finds the dashboard directly. This is a big change, also structured in 3 parts. It will offer a summary of the most important features of the app such as the Planning, the Grades… 

In the top bar, there will be two features that will be fixed throughout the whole app: the student card and the notifications. They will be accessible at any time in the mobile application.

Loggin screen


💡 Good to know
If the student card isn’t accessible for a school, the functionality button simply won’t appear in the upper part of the screen. 

We wanted to give the student the possibility to organise his mobile application according to his needs and desires. He can reorganise the functionalities available in his mobile application and put them in the foreground if he wishes. 

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most used features by students: the Schedule. It has also been completely redesigned. It can now be viewed in 3 different ways:  

  • A monthly view with a preview of the courses on the day
  • A 3-day view: allows you to have a 3-day view of the next courses
  • Week view as a list: allows you to eliminate free zones from the calendar

The good thing about these three views is that they allow everyone to freely manage their calendar according to their preferences, habits and needs. 

In short, there is a consistency between all the screens of this redesign. We wanted to make the app even more functional and indispensable to your students! 

Some differences are to be expected between the different devices: the design adapts to both iOS and Android. Some icons will simply not be in the same place.

All our functionalities have been redesigned for a simplified user experience. See you in 2022 to discover it on your own mobile app!