AppScho x Ready Education [ENGLISH WEBINAR]

On February 2nd, we held a client webinar in order to discuss our alliance with Ready Education! Victor Wacrenier, President and co-founder of AppScho, revealed more about Ready Education, our ambitions behind this newly formed group and the benefits for our customers. He also answered live questions from our partner institutions. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the webinar 👉

🎓 Who is Ready Education ?

AppScho joined Ready Education last December in order to become the global leader in mobile student engagement platforms. Ready Education also acquired the UK-based Collabco company and the Dutch champion StuComm, two EdTech companies also specialised in mobile campuses, in early 2021. The 4 players are now all grouped under the Ready Education banner, and aim to set a new global standard for student communication and engagement. 

In a nutshell, Ready Education is: 

  • A Canadian company with offices in Montreal. 
  • European subsidiaries in Liverpool, Utrecht and Paris. 
  • A community of 4.5 million students and 525+ institutions in 21 countries.
  • A new global reference player with 110 employees. 

🇪🇺 A strong European base and a localised service

Three of Ready Education’s four offices are located in Europe: in Liverpool, Utrecht and Paris (the AppScho offices) in order to better serve the interests of clients (in terms of product, support and strategy) wherever they are in the world. 

Because French institutions have their own particularities, the AppScho service remains the same: a French entity with teams based in Paris, in order to always best meet the needs and expectations of French or Belgian institutions. 

🏷️ AppScho will become Ready Education

AppScho will ultimately become Ready Education. But this change will only be visible to schools, as we operate as a white label company: our clients’ applications will therefore not undergo any name change and this transition will be invisible to students. 

🤝 Our teams remain based in Paris

Our team remains local. You will therefore interact with the same people, in the same language and in the same time zone. We will increase the number of teammates in Paris.

🔗 One same approach within the group

We have all come together because we have the same mission: to foster student success and engagement, and the same approach: to support higher education institutions in digitalising their campuses. 

📱 The future of our clients’ mobile apps assured 

The future of our partner institutions’ mobile applications is assured on several levels. 

  • In terms of human resources: our technical teams have doubled in number and will therefore be able to take on larger projects and respond more effectively to the demands of our clients. 
  • In terms of financial resources: more resources will be made available for the continuous improvement of our platform. 

📡 Pricing and privacy

There will be no change in terms of pricing, even in the case of a contract renewal. 

The location of our servers does not change, nor does the infrastructure supporting your applications. There will be no change to our data ownership and GDPR commitments.

🚗 Roadmap

There will be only one global product. Our teams are currently working on this new unified platform. 

Customisation and flexibility remain an imperative at the local level in order to provide an offer adapted to all types of establishment.

✔️ The benefits of this merger for all our customers

  • Membership of a global community of 525+ leading institutions. 
  • Enhanced and increased expertise in the field of student experience. 
  • Stability of a well-funded organisation with the future of your mobile application secured. 
  • Strong local roots to better serve the interests of our partner institutions. 

We will of course keep you informed of the next steps in our development! ✨

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